Small Groups

We are a church OF small groups, not just a church WITH small groups. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey or stage of life, we have a group for you. Our small group process includes GROWTH groups, ROOTED groups, LIFE groups and SUPPORT groups. Find one that is right for you!

Rooted Groups

For the person who is ready to take a step of commitment into growing with others as you grow in your relationship with Jesus, ROOTED is a 10-week group experience aimed at getting you connected with others and to God.

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Life Groups

For the person who is ready to take the small group experience and make it a lifestyle, LIFE GROUPS are where life happens together through opening the Bible together, praying together, celebrating together and serving together.


Growth Groups

For the person looking for a short-term commitment, topic-driven group option, GROWTH GROUPS give you a taste of what a small group looks like. Click below for specific connect group details at your campus.


Support & Specialty Groups

For the person who wants to find connection and encouragement from others who are experiencing a similar life stage, who have faced difficult life issues, or who have similar interests.


Start A Group

Have you committed your life to Jesus? Can you spare 60-90 minutes per week in addition to watching the weekend service? Do you like people? Are you willing to help people have conversations about their faith? (Don’t worry, we’ll help you with this part!). Do you have some friends you can invite? (We’ll help you with this part too!). Click below if you answered yes to all of these questions!