SG Questions – REEL FAITH

Toni Knight   -  

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Lean In:

  • Without disclosing names, describe someone who has been a difficult person for you to show love to?

Look Out:

  • What are ways culture makes living in “community” difficult? 

Look Down & In: How to Love Difficult People

  • What are the dangers of not practicing self-control in our responses to people who frustrate us?
  • READ PROVERBS 29:11 and JAMES 1:26 – What stands out to you? 
    • What encourages you? 
    • Anything convict you?
  • Share about a time when someone demonstrated BOTH compassion AND Truth toward you in a time of need.
  • What is a practical way you can show both compassion and truth to a difficult person in your life?
    • Why is it important to know what kind of care a person needs instead of just a “one size fits all” approach? 


  • READ 1 THESSALONIANS 5:14-22 – What stands out? 
  • What encourages you? 
  • Anything convict you?


  • What are ways you have seen people compromise their faith in the name of “caring for someone”? 
  • When you think about people you know who are not living for God, in what specific ways can you care for them without compromising your faith? 
  1. Share the BURDEN With Other BELIEVERS
    • What is dangerous about bearing burdens alone?


  • READ: 1 CORINTHIANS 12:25, COLOSSIANS 3:16, 1 THESSALONIANS 4:18, JAMES 5:16 and GALATIANS 6:2 – What stands out in these verses? 
  • What encourages you? 
  • Anything convict you?


  • How have you seen the power of community in your life?
  • What is one specific way you can deepen your dependence on others with regard to burdens you are carrying for others. 
  • Take the remaining time to pray for the specific burdens of one another. 




Lean In:

  • If you could develop a “perfect” neighborhood community, where would it be? Who would live in it? What would it look like?

Look Out:

  • How do world religions seek to set their followers apart from the rest of the world?

Look Down: READ John 17:15-18

  1. What stands out to you from these verses and/or the weekend message?
  2. Weekend Bottom Line = We are not OF the WORLD, but we are SENT INTO the world
    • What is the difference between living in isolation and living on mission?
    • What are the fears some Christians face about being “sent into the world”?

Look In: 

  1. Move from APATHY to EMPATHY
  • How do you define and describe empathy? 
  • READ GALATIANS 6:2 What stands out? Encourages? Convicts?
  • How can looking at the world around you with empathy impact the way you view and respond to others who are not like you?
  • What is one specific thing you can do to move from apathy to empathy? 
  1. Beware of EXTERNAL and INTERNAL sin
  • What is dangerous about living in secret sin that only seems to affect you? 
  • READ ROMANS 7:18-20 – What stands out? Encourages you? Convicts you?
  • What justifications have you seen or heard from people who are living a life that is contrary to God’s Word but still believe it is ok?
  • What is one specific thing you can do to deal with the internal sin struggles in your life? 
  1. Face your FEARS With COURAGE
  • What are some of the fears you have when it comes to sharing and living out your faith?
  • READ JOSHUA 1:9 – What stands out? Encourages you? Convicts you?
  • Share about a time you left your comfort zone to share your faith with someone. 
    • How did God give you confidence beyond what you thought possible?
  • What is one specific thing you can do to become more courageous in your faith?




Lean In:

  • If you had the power to change the lives (for the better) of anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you do?

Look Out:

  • What world religions/cults do you know of that put a big emphasis on guilt and/or “righting your wrongs?”


  1. Redemption is Received through REPENTANCE not through PENANCE
  • What have you either done or seen others do to try and win the approval and acceptance of God?
  • What is the difference between being a “good person” without Christ and being a “good person” because of Christ?
  • READ PHILIPPIANS 3:1-9 – What stands out? Encourages you? Convicts you?
  • Are there areas of life where you are striving for God’s approval/redemption? 
  • How does considering “personal gains” a “loss for the sake of Christ” impact the way you make decisions and what you value?
  1. Righteousness is Found Through FAITH IN JESUS, not through FAITH IN OURSELVES
  • What dangers are there in trying to be righteous in our thoughts, actions and relationships apart from the power of Jesus?
  • READ ROMANS 3:10-12 – What stands out? Inspires you? Convicts you?
  • How have you experienced the power of the Spirit at work in you to change your thoughts, actions and relationships?
  • Is there an area of your life where you are trying to achieve victory in your own strength instead of the power of the Holy Spirit? 
  1. Our Works Should be Driven by GRACE not by GUILT
  • How can guilt and shame keep us from experiencing the life God wants for us?
  • READ ROMANS 5:6-8 – What stands out? Encourages you? Convicts you?
  • How have you experienced the difference between living out of grace vs. living out of guilt?
  • What truth would you share with someone struggling with guilt over their past?




Lean In:

  • What is your favorite superhero movie? Why?

Look Out:

  • When you think of the idea of a “spiritual battle” taking place in our world, what images and thoughts come to mind? 

Look Down:


  • READ John 10:10-11 & Ephesians 6:10-12


    • What stands out to you from these verses and/or the weekend message?
    • How do these verses impact the way you think about spiritual battles and the way you view the things going on in the world?


  1. COUNT the COST
  • Have you ever experienced any level of persecution or negative responses because of your faith?
  • READ MATTHEW 16:15-21 – What stands out? Encourages? Confuses you?
  • When you think about standing up for your faith, what makes you afraid?
  • Share about a time you took a risk and shared or stood up for your faith?
  • What step can you take to be more bold in engaging spiritual battles around you? 
    • What are the dangers of engaging in spiritual battle without having a connected relationship with Christ?


  • READ 1 PETER 2:9-11 –  What stands out? What encourages?


    • How would you say you are doing with what God calls you to do here?
  • In what specific ways can you be more connected in relationship with Christ?
  • What would be the dangers of trying to engage in a spiritual battle alone?
  • READ PROVERBS 27:17 – What are the benefits of intentionally having people in your life to encourage and strengthen you?
  • What are specific ways to deepen your Christian friendships in a way that would help prepare you for spiritual battle?




Lean In:

  • What were some of your childhood hopes and dreams?

Look Out:

  • What “worldly wisdom” is offered by culture about dealing with past pain and trauma?

Look Down:


  • READ Genesis 45:1-28
  • What stands out from these verses and/or the weekend message?


    • What encourages you? Convicts you? Confuses you?

Look In: How to Experience the Freedom of Forgiveness

  1. Be HONEST with Your HURT
    • What words or actions of others trigger past hurts in your life? 
    • Have you forgiven the person or people involved in your past hurts? 
      • If so, what did that forgiveness look like? 
      • If not, what keeps you from forgiving them?


  • READ Matthew 18:21-22 – What stands out?


  • What does it look like to forgive while still setting boundaries? 
  1. RECONCILE with Your PAST
    • Looking back on your life, are any regrets preventing you from living in freedom?


  • READ LUKE 18:12-14 – What stands out?


  • How does humility impact someone’s ability to reconcile their past?
  • What is one Truth you need to believe about your past? 
  1. When I RELEASE my Bitterness, I am RELEASED from Bitterness
    • Do any past or present relationships cause you current bitterness in your heart?


  • READ James 5:16 – What stands out?


  • Share about a time when choosing to forgive released you from bitterness
  • Is there anyone you are still unable to forgive? 
    • If so, spend time praying as a group about those relationships  


FATHER’S DAY MESSAGE – All Campuses on 6/16


Lean In:

  • What emotions, thoughts or feelings come to your mind and heart about “Father’s Day”?

Look Out:

  • According to culture, how are “real men” supposed to act or behave?

Look Down


  • READ 1 Samuel 30:1-19


    • What stands out to you from these verses and/or the weekend message?
    • What encourages you? Confuses you? Convicts you?

Look In: Spiritual Lessons from David

  1. PRACTICE Humility 
    • What is your response to the saying, “real men don’t cry”? 
    • Share about a time you saw pride get in the way of moving forward.


  • READ 2 Chronicles 7:14 – What stands out?


  • What does it look like to humble yourself?
  • What steps can you take to live in humility? 
  1. SEEK God for Direction 
  • Discuss the dangers of making major decisions without seeking God’s direction?
  • What obstacles keep people from seeking God’s direction in their life decisions?
  • READ Hebrews 11:1 – What stands out?
  • How does having trusting God’s character impact our willingness to seek His direction for our lives?
  • What steps can you take to seek God’s direction for your life?
  • Have you ever wanted to give up on something you were fighting for?
  • READ Ephesians 6:10-14 – What stands out?
  • Share about a time God strengthened you to fight through a battle you didn’t think you’d be able to make it through on your own?
  • Share and pray together about current struggles where you feel like your heart needs to be strengthened?