SG Questions – May 26

Toni Knight   -  

REDEMPTION, Pt 4 – 05/26/24

Lean In:

  • Have you ever had to take out a loan for anything?
  • How would you respond if someone told you that any outstanding debt you have right now would be paid in full? 

Look Out:

  • What are the components of a “good love story”?  

Look Down: READ Ruth 4

  • What stands out from these verses or from the weekend message?

Look In: Life Lessons from Ruth 4

  1. Make PLANS with Open HANDS
  • Which of the following two statements do you identity with more:
    • “God does the work, I sit on the sideline”
    • “I do all the work, God sits on the sideline” 
      • What is dangerous about each extreme?
  • READ PROVERBS 16:9 – What stands out?
  • Where in your life do you need to take more intentional action?
  • Which area of life, controlled by you, do you need to entrust into God’s hands?
  1. Don’t Confuse What is VISIBLE with What is POSSIBLE
  • Share about a time when you felt there was no way out of the pain you were experiencing. How are things different now?
  • READ 2 Corinthians 4:18: What stands out?
  • How have you seen God redeem a situation or relationship that seemed impossible to be redeemed?
  • Where are you currently walking by faith and not by sight? 
    • What hope do you have?
  1. Redemption Is Not Just a Change of STATUS But a Change of STORY
  • What cycles of struggle and sin do you see when you look at your personal and family history?
  • READ 2 Corinthians 5:17 – What stands out?
  • How have you seen Jesus break cycles of sin or struggle in your life? 

Looking Beyond

  • Spend some time praying for God to break cycles of sin or struggle in your life and in the lives of family members/loved ones/friends.