SG Questions – May 12

Toni Knight   -  

REDEMPTION, Pt 2 – 05/12/24

Lean In:

  • What emotions and feelings do you experience around Mother’s Day?

Look Out:

  • What lies do entertainment, songs, & psychology tell us about “finding the one”? 

Look Down: READ Ruth 2

  • What stands out from these verses or from the weekend message?

Look In: Life Lessons from Ruth 2

  1. Work on BEING the right person before FINDING the right person
  • Share some character qualities that are important to you about the person you are (or were) in a relationship with? 
    • If not in a relationship, a person you would date/marry.
  • How do the qualities of your character match the qualities you are looking for? 
  • What area of your life needs work to help YOU be the “right person” for someone else?
  1. Looks for God’s HAND in your HURT
    • RE-READ Ruth 2:1-5 – Which words imply “coincidence” in these verses?
    • How have you seen things that seem like “coincidence” turn out to be the providential hand of God working in your life?


  • READ ROMANS 8:28 – What stands out? 


  • Have you ever experienced everything in your life changing from one moment? 
  • In what areas of hurt are you still praying for God to turn around for good?
  1. Keep WALKING as you are WEEPING
  • What life patterns do you see in how you naturally respond to grief/loss? (Isolation, busyness, running away, etc?)
  • Why is it difficult to move forward in the wake of loss?
  • Share about a time you experienced hope even in the midst of grief or pain?

Looking Beyond

  • Spend time this week on an internal evaluation of where you are in the three areas discussed in the life lessons from Ruth 2. Answer the following questions:
    1. How is your character in light of relationships (romantic, family, friends, co-workers, etc.)? Does your character reflect the kind of people you want in your life? What needs to be removed, added, or changed to elevate your character?
    2. What is your greatest hurt right now? Explore the root cause and why it hurts. Ask yourself, “Where can I see God in this situation?” and “What does God want me to be, or do, in this hurt?
    3. Is there something you are mourning? How has it impacted your awareness of God in your life? What can you do to draw nearer to God and stay faithful while you weep?