SG Questions – September 17

Toni Knight   -  


Lean In:

  • Share your biggest accomplishment in life. Why is it your biggest accomplishment?

Look Out:

  • How do your friends, family, and co-workers define a big accomplishment?

Look Down: READ Matthew 28:18-20 & Acts 1:1-8

  • What stands out to you in these verses or from the weekend message? 
  • What encourages you? What confuses you? What challenges you?

Look In

3 Principles from the Life of Andrew that Show Us How to Make Disciples

  • BE ONE who is faithful to Christ
    • How would you explain “faithfulness” to someone? 
    • What characteristics will be present in someone who is being faithful to Christ?
    • What spiritual habits do you think are most necessary to follow Jesus?
    • Which spiritual habit is easiest for you? With which do you struggle?
  • BRING ONE to a relationship with Christ
    • What are common reasons people give for not sharing their faith with others?
    • READ John 1:41-42 & 12:20-22 –  What stands out?
    • What are examples of opportunities that we can seize to share Jesus with others?
    • In what seasons of life are people more open to an invitation to follow Jesus?
    • Who are some people in your life who you can invite to “come and see”? 
  • BUILD ONE to maturity in Christ
    • What does “maturity in Christ” look like?
    • What has helped you mature the most in your spiritual growth?
    • Is it intimidating or exciting to think that God wants to use you to help build someone toward maturity? Explain.
    • What are some ways you think people can build someone else up?
    • Who has contributed to your own maturity in Christ? How?

Look Beyond

  • Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 for each discipleship step: 1. BE ONE who is faithful to Christ; 2. BRING ONE to a relationship with Christ; and 3. BUILD ONE to maturity in Christ. What steps can you take to improve your self rating? Think through barriers and fears that hold you back from improving. Also spend some time again to consider who is in your Oikos (circle of influence) – Pray for each person by name and spiritual condition. If they follow Jesus, pray for them to be strengthened in their faith. If they don’t follow Jesus, pray for their salvation and how you might be able to connect with them and share the love of Jesus. Also, pray for opportunities to invite them to church and/or to share your story with them and invite them to become a follower of Jesus. Keep your group updated on your progress.