SG Questions – April 02

Toni Knight   -  


SEVEN DAYS TO LIVE – part five

Death of Jesus

Lean In

  • Share about a time when someone in your life passed away. If you feel comfortable, share about the feelings and emotions that you felt with that loss. 

Look Out:

  • How does culture reinforce that taking care of/loving ourselves is the highest value?

Look Down: Read Matthew 26:31-56

  • What stands out to you in this passage and/or from the weekend message?

Look In:

How to Die to Self::

    1. RELEASE Control


  • READ Genesis 3:6-7 and Luke 9:23


      • What is the difference between dying to self and living for self?
      • In what areas of your life do you find it most difficult to die to self?
      • Share specific ways you can (or do) practice the discipline of dying to self?
    1. RESTRAIN Yourself
      • What are the dangers of not having control over our emotions?


  • READ Proverbs 29:11 – What stands out to you in this verse?


      • What are specific ways you can practice the discipline of self-control when it comes to your emotional responses to challenging situations/people? 
    1. REPENT of sins


  • READ Luke 23:39-43 – What stands out to you in these verses regarding repentance?


    • Why is consistent repentance an important part of our relationship with Christ?
    • Share specific ways you can (or do) practice the discipline of repentance? 

Look Beyond:

  • Try a daily R.E.S.E.T. this again this week as a way to sit at Jesus’ table every day: 

Follow these five steps for 2-3 minutes each: 

  1. Consider the state of your Relationships with God and others
  2. Sit in silence and observe your Environment by looking (eyes opened) and listening (eyes closed) to God’s creation
  3. Meditate on a Scripture, from a devotion or even the weekend message
  4. Offer your Emotions to God (anxiety, stress, fear), and 
  5. Express your Thankfulness to God