Toni Knight   -  


Sunday, Mar 12 – Saturday, Mar 18 • Days 13-19

This week I/my family will fast from (pick one or multiple)

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: scrolling that Facebook feed, looking at Instagram reels, watching Tik Tok dance crazes, and all other things social media related.
  • NEWS: abstaining from watching or listening to my favorite 24-hour news channel, reading the headlines online or in a newspaper, or any other way I get my news.
  • Something not listed above:


What is fasting?
Fasting is a discipline of temporarily abstaining from something in your life for the purpose of focusing your heart on God. Throughout the Bible, fasting is closely associated with prayer.

Why fast?
Do you ever find yourself wanting to pray for something, but you keep forgetting? Or, when you pray, do you find your mind drifting all over the place? This is the result of a lack of focus. Fasting helps focus your prayer life. Also, fasting can be an excellent practice before making a big decision (Acts 14:23) or before stepping into a challenging new season (Matt 4:1-12).

How do I fast?
Select something in your life that you crave. It could be food, a beverage, or even your phone. As soon as you experience the craving, go to God in prayer. Remember, the point of fasting is not to punish yourself but to focus your heart on God.

What should I fast from?
Throughout the Bible, the most common fast was abstaining from food. Our bodies need food so this type of fast is particularly effective. However, if the purpose of fasting is to draw you closer to God, the emphasis should be less on what you are fasting FROM and more on what you are fasting FOR.

What should I pray for during my fast?
The Fasting Challenge is specifically designed to help you focus your heart on God and pray for someone you know who does not yet have a relationship with Christ. On top of this, take advantage of the time! If you are getting this focused, pray for anything or anyone!

How does the Fasting Challenge work?
We are providing you with multiple ideas for fasting. You can select fasting from one thing for 40 days, or you can choose from our list of suggestions. Each week we will provide you with a category of something to fast from. You, and any others in your family, can choose to participate in all of them, some of them, or one of them. You may even add to the list if something comes to mind. The choice is yours. We just want to help you focus your heart on God.