SG Questions – November 27

Toni Knight   -  



Psalm 73

Lean In

  • Did you ever win a superlative award in high school (best dressed, most likely to succeed, etc)? If so, what was it? 

Look Out:

  • Describe ways culture feeds our desire to compare ourselves with others?

Look Down: Read Psalm 73

  • What stands out to you from these verses and/or this past weekend’s message?
  • What encourages, confuses, and/or challenges you?

Look In:

Comparison transforms….

  • Accuracy into Fantasy
  • Contentment into Resentment
  • Tranquil into Trouble
    • What is dangerous about comparing ourselves to others?
    • Describe a time when you compared yourself to someone else – how did it affect your contentment with your life and what did you do about it?

How to Combat Comparison::

  1. RESET your eyes
  • READ Proverbs 4:25-27 – What stands out to you in these verses about where we should be looking?
    • What shifts in our heart when we look to God for approval instead of others? 
  1. REJOICE with others
    • READ Romans 12:15 – How would applying this verse help combat comparison?
    • In your circles (family, work, neighborhood, school, etc), what are ways you can specifically encourage others who may be better than you at something?
    • How have you experienced the joy of not comparing yourself with someone else?
  2. REDEFINE what’s valuable
    • READ Luke 12:15 – How do Jesus’ words help establish what’s valuable?
    • What are the highest values in your life?
    • Do you feel the decisions you make reflect those values? Why/Why not?

Look Beyond:

  • Make a list of people or traits you compare yourself to. Now go through the list and look up Scripture that helps you to reset your eyes about that trait or person. Also take time to note things you can be thankful for. Then create a list of what’s valuable to you.