Monday, January 18


John 2:1-4 
Jeremiah 29:11
Psalm 33:11


1. How do you see Jesus following a plan? (Note: “Woman” was a polite address in that culture.)
2. What do you learn from these verses about God’s plan for your life?


Father, thank you for the example Jesus gives us as One who follows Your plan. Your Word says Your plan for me is good. Help me to follow Your plan and Your ways today. Amen.


Please watch this 3 minute video as one of our pastors encourages and challenges us in today’s reading.

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  1. What a blessing it is to know that Jesus has the power to bring light into dark places of my life. I trust that He will continue to reveal Himself to me through His Word. I love you, Jesus!!

  2. I have asked God to make my heart white hot for him, I know as humans we can stray away His word, i know when i do this i feel so let down by myself, i know God is always with me and all i have to do is reach out my hand and He will take it

  3. What an amazing reality to know that God’s timing is perfect. To know that what I can trust in Him even when it does not line up with my expectation because – HIS WAYS ARE BETTER. I need to keep trusting in God, just like Jesus did, for the right timing on what I am praying and hoping for.


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