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Women's Classes


Women’s Ministry Small Groups

Discovery 1 - God's Extraordinary Promises (6 weeks) - In this class, you will discover how God's extraordinary promises can be real in your life.  This class will explore assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness and guidance.  Sundays beginning 4/9/17  9am  Room 267  Facilitators: Kari Nordahl and Terri Blackmon (6 weeks)  Bring your Bible

Basic Beliefs - (6 weeks) Beginning Sunday, 4/30 @ 9:00 a.m. in Room 267

 Live Deeply—A Study in the Parables of Jesus

Ever read one of Jesus' parables and ask, "What is He talking about?" If so, you're not alone. Jesus' own disciples were also perplexed by the stories Christ told. Jesus is the King of another kingdom, a spiritual kingdom. Filled with encouragement, wisdom, and exhortation, the parables are stories from everyday life which will help us to understand that we are no longer of this world and they’ll challenge us to Live Deeply in the Kingdom of God. Book: $15


11am Room 269 Facilitator: Nicky Hackett (11 weeks)


7pm Room 170 Facilitator: Cathy Hurtado (11 weeks)


9am Room 170 Facilitator: Sharon Tometich (11 weeks)

9am Room 148 Facilitators: Leonie Palmer and Nina Mosley (11 weeks)


7pm Room 142 Facilitator: Mayra Macias & Karen (Chew) Castanon (11 weeks)


Ruth & Esther—A Life-changing Encounter with the Word of God Is God really sovereign? Can individuals make a difference in the world? A young girl named Ruth and a middle-aged man named Boaz would answer Yes to both questions. Years later, a Jew named Mordecai and his cousin Esther saved their nation by also saying Yes. These women still inspire believers to affect the world by trusting God. 7pm Room 142 Facilitators: Debbie Shiba and Sheron Maneafaiga (10weeks) Book $11

Keeping it Real Life can be messy - that’s why we’ve got God and each other. We all need godly wisdom and friends to cheer us on. Journey with us in Keepin’ It Real. Real faith ‘cause this world is tough. Real friendships ‘cause sisters stick together. Really living ‘cause life’s too short to pretend. Tuesdays 7pm Rancho Cucamonga Facilitator: Jackie Bauers Bring your Bible 

Young Women


Experiencing God by His Names: Discovering the Power of Who He Is God desires for us to know Him intimately. He gave His wonderful names to meet your specific needs and reveal who He really is. As you discover these names, you will understand how to link your daily needs and interests to the names of God that specifically relate to your situations. You will learn how to pray more effectively and experience God working throughout your life. 11am Room 267 Facilitator: Erika Juhas (8 Weeks) Book $12




Getting to the Heart of Parenting  Parenting is hard, but there are few things in life that rise to this level of importance. God has chosen parents to be primary instruments in the shaping of a human soul.  

So often we get it wrong by using power to get our children to behave in certain ways. We establish laws and then play the role of police officer and judge.

Parenting is so much deeper than rules and regulations. A biblical view teaches that parenting is all about the exposure and change of a child's heart.

Permanent behavioral change only occurs when the heart of a person is changed by grace. Learn how to become an instrument of heart-changing grace in the lives of your children. 9am  Room 162  Facilitator:  Yaremi Oberlander  See website for Childcare Co-op.

The Best Yes – Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands Do you feel a little overwhelmed and a lot worn out? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time figuring out when to say yes and when to say no? There is a big difference between saying yes to everyone and saying yes to God. This class will help you: cure the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love, escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no, overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom based decision-making process, and rise above the rush of endless demands and discover your best yes today. 7pm Room 150 Facilitator: Amanda Trujillo Book $10 (6 weeks)

Stretch—Mondays & Thursdays

Stretch This one hour class will include slow sustained stretches which help to strengthen your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Stretches are done to slow, relaxing music. If you need to modify, that's ok - remember, some is better than none! 9am Room 170 (Chapel) Facilitator: Tammy Blackwell (ongoing)

Walking —Tuesdays

Walking His Way  Join us for a time of walking and exercise. Enjoy prayer, fellowship, and walking at your own pace, getting fit and having fun. Come for 15, 30, 60 minutes or more. 5:45pm Tuesday Room 148 Facilitator: Marina Jimenez 

Support Groups

Widows at EaseEmerging and Simply Evolving This group provides godly support and assistance to widows through: Outreach, Setting new intentions, objectives and purpose for life, Service, Fellowship, Empowerment and Mentoring.  Upcoming events: 4/15 meeting @ 1-m in Room 148.  5/20 - S.B. Country Museum.  6/10 - Afternoon Tea (no meeting 6/17).  7/15 - Let's Go out to the Movies.  8/19 - Metrolink Train to the Beach.  9/16 - Bowling.

Chronic Illness - Thursdays @ 7pm in Room 148

Cancer Support—Has cancer suddenly riddled your life with uncertainty? Have you or a loved one been diagnosed? Are you experiencing fear? Do you have questions? Are you exhausted from the journey? Do you feel alone? Not sure how to care for your loved one? You are not alone and we’d love to walk the journey with you. For more information, contact Juanita at 909.644.2441 or Karen at 909.875.5566 ext. 331 or email at csgroup.rialto@yahoo.com


Women’s Ministry Skills

Practical Ministry Training for all campuses

3rd Saturday of the month, 9am, Room 267

(No meeting in April.  Will meet again 5/20)

 Come be equipped to serve in ministry. Prepare

Yourself for whatever ministry God may have for you.

 Be One — Biblical basis of prayer, overview of I Thessalonians.

Bring One — Practice sharing our faith.

Build One — Developing biblical convictions; training your team and dealing with mistakes, empowering teams.