Wise Investing

Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man's dwelling, but a foolish man devours it”  (Proverbs 21:20).

Contrary to what some believe, God actually encourages wise investing. When we diligently work and plan ahead, we prepare for days to come (see Proverbs 21:5). Proper planning and sensible investing do not contradict other biblical teachings on giving to God and supporting His work.

Some people may respond, “We need to trust God day by day.” Quite true, but God wants us also to take wise steps for the future. Statistics indicate a growing number of aging people will not have nearly enough to retire, and the crisis will not go away unless we take some steps.

A first step is to take advantage of any matching programs at your place of work. If your employer offers this, take advantage of it. As you put away, you will see the power of compounding interest (your investments grow over time). Investments tend to grow over a long period of time. But don’t watch them too closely, because they can go up or down abruptly due to a number of reasons. But follow a plan and contribute each month.

Another step is to read about investments. While we may want to consult an advisor, we need to be reasonably knowledgeable about where we put our money. We need to avoid trying to “beat the market” with reckless investments, and other risks. Your money and future is too important to give away.

We should avoid chasing fantasies and financial schemes, in an attempt to gain much in a short period of time. Here’s a helpful link that lays out some biblical principles to avoid this:


We do not need to become financial experts to prepare for the future. We need to simply develop a solid plan and stick with it. We should include in that plan a program to retire debt-free, and a present lifestyle that allows us to put something away for future needs.

May God bless His people as they look to Him for their every need. He will not forsake us, and has already provided a wealth of Scripture to put us on the right road to wise stewardship.

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