Wisdom With Our Time

“Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16).

Some sporting events are timed events; the teams have an allotted time to play, and whoever accumulates the most points during that time frame wins the game. With such events, we know the allotted time in advance. But none of us knows how long we will live on this earth. We, therefore, should recognize the limited time we possess to serve God. But we wrestle with many rivals for our time.

1. People want to use up our time.
God loves people and we should make an investment in their lives. But people can also tempt us to unwise uses of our time. They may want us to join them in time-wasting activities, and possibly even sinful ones. They may coax us to miss church. The Christian needs to develop the ability to decline such offers. It may be that we need different friends. At minimum, we need to streamline our activities to include things that glorify God, such as Bible study and church attendance.

2. Legitimate responsibilities may lure us away from better uses of our time.
We don’t always recognize these kinds of temptations. The boss may ask us to spend an unusual amount of time at work to the neglect of family and other responsibilities. A neighbor may recruit us for a home improvement project that prevents us from attending church. These things appear innocently enough, especially at first. But we need to make sure these “good causes” do not take us away from the best use of our time.

3. Good causes can vie for our time.
No one can do it all. God did not create us as super-humans, able to do it all. If we attempt to do everything someone asks us to do we will ultimately fail at anything we do. That’s why God distributes different gifts to the church (1 Corinthians 12:4-6; 1 Peter 4:10-11). We should serve God heartily and faithfully. But when we attempt to do it all we soon grow discouraged to the point of wanting to quit.

We should pray for God’s clear leading with our time. We should all use the gifts that God has given us so as not to overburden someone else. We also need to steer clear of time, wasting activities that eat away at the energy we have. God is not only worthy of our best efforts, He is worthy of our time. While we all need periods of rest and diversion, we honor God by giving Him the best of our time.

On a final note, young people should give God their youth. So many regret time spent on foolish activities. But God gave youth as a gift that combines energy with vision. Why spend it on things destined to perish? Instead of pursuing worldly activities, seek ways to use your youth as a tool in God’s hands.

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