Upward Sports



On behalf of Sunrise Church in Rialto, California, I want to thank you for your interest and more importantly registering your child to participate in the Upward Sports Program. We understand there are other “city leagues” that your child(ren) can participate in; however, they are nothing like what you and your child will experience here in our league. One special note is that your child is guaranteed to play in each game based on the unique substitution program Upward Sports offers. Coaches in most “city leagues” pick players based on personal preference and skill level, resulting in some players not getting the opportunity to play, based on their skill level, and feeling left out. It’s usually motivated by the need to “win” attitude from the coach. The Upward Sports Program institutes a unique substitution system that ensures all players get fair opportunity to play.

Upward Sports is a faith-based sports program open to boys and girls, K5 through 6th grade. The mission of Upward Sports is to promote the discovery of Jesus Christ through sports. We offer a “safe and friendly” environment where your child will have fun learning the season sport, be introduced to Jesus Christ through the "Mid-Practice Huddle" time spent during practices, understand the concept of "being part of a team", and experience the 360 Progression which includes growing mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Upward Sports athletes grow in character, confidence, faith and sportsmanship during their personal athletic journeys, and become more than just an athlete.

Currently we offer the sports Flag Football and Soccer. Each season is eleven (11) weeks and consists of three (3) weeks of practices before eight (8) weeks of games. Practices during the season are one (1) night a week for one (1) hour. Games are one (1) hour only and held on Saturday's here at Sunrise Church in Rialto. At the end of the season we hold an End of Season Spectacular which includes; fun interactive activities for kids, individual team recognition, entertainment, presentation of the gospel, a slide-show presentation, and awards presented to the players. Each player is encouraged to invite all family and friends to the event.

The Upward Sports program here at Sunrise Church operates solely on volunteers. We have many positions available based on your level of commitment and availability, and are constantly looking for volunteers to help support the ministry. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please feel free to contact me directly, click the "CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER" button above, or fill out a volunteer/communication slip at the church. We are excited and looking forward to a fun and exciting season. Thank you for your support. Volunteers fuel the experience! Christ IGNITES IT!

For any questions that you might have, please feel free to contact the Upward Sports Ministry Director Scott Herring at (909) 875-5566, ext 116, or via email at sherring@sunrisechurch.org.