The Lord Will Fight for You!

Keith Knight 

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  Exodus 14:14

One of the greatest comforts and truths from the Bible is the promise that God is for us.  God loves us and He is on our side.  God is our advocate, our protector, our supporter and in essence, He is our defense attorney. Scripture supports this by saying, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  I just love that!!! Stop reading for a minute, be still and meditate on this truth, “The Lord will FIGHT FOR YOU.”  Wow!!!

In Exodus 14, we encounter the Lord giving instruction to Moses as he leads the Israelites in the wilderness. Six hundred Egyptian war chariots were bearing down on the Israelites who seemed helpless as they were trapped between the mountains and the Red Sea.  The Israelites were afraid and they responded with panic, whining, and despair.  The Israelite people were paralyzed with fear, even though they had watched God’s power deliver them from bondage and oppression when they lived in Egypt.  But in spite of seeing God’s repeated wisdom, foresight, and faithfulness in providing for them, they chose to complain and grumble about their circumstance.  As we read through the Scripture text, we can’t help but to see their lack of faith in God, and it is somewhat astonishing.  Their fears made them want to go back to the past.  Why?  How about you? Does fear make you want to go back to the past?

It was no surprise that God wanted to move the people forward in spite of their fears.  And likewise, God wants you to move forward in spite of your fears.  Yet how often do we find ourselves in the same situation and doing the same thing that the Israelites did…being argumentative, complaining, grouchy, grumbling and cranky over the discomforts, fears and inconveniences that we experience in life?

Fear makes us:
1. Skeptical
2. Selfish
3. Stubborn
4. Short-sighted

At the time, the Israelites didn’t trust God.  If they would have trusted God, they would have been spared a lot of grief, hurt and pain.  The people then chose to deflect and shift blame.  They pointed the blame on their leader Moses.  They actually wanted to go back to their former lifestyle and live in the oppression and tyranny they had in Egypt.  They became antagonistic, harsh, and hostile.  Sound familiar?  How many times do we accuse others and excuse ourselves when we experience fear and uncertain circumstances?  How many times do we become complacent and blame others for our lack of faith and trust?

In light of the circumstances, Moses still had a positive attitude with the people.  He encouraged the Israelites to watch how wonderfully God would orchestrate and turn an impossible overwhelming situation into victory. Moses called on God to intervene.  Moses prayed and God answered.  In the end, God wins the battle and as the Israelites experienced God parting the Red Sea, they stood in awe!  This victory went down in the record book; the record book we call the Bible.  As believers, we get to partake in the victory every day.  By faith, we have a choice to move forward in spite of our fears.  Call on God to intervene.  Pray.  And remember, “The Lord will FIGHT FOR YOU.”

What storm, trial and problems are you experiencing today?
Are you being skeptical and selfish because of your fears?
Are you stubborn and short-sighted because of your fears?

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1. Lynda Coombs wrote:
Awesome message Pastor Keith, I love this and I needed the reminder. Thank you

Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 2:28 PM

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