Our technical ministry is always full of opportunities to be involved in. We are blessed with state-of-the-art equipment to help communicate the Word of God and facilitate the worship of God while serving behind the scenes and making it all happen.

Our purpose is to provide creative and technical support through sound, lights, staging, and multi-media equipment for services and special events. No prior experience is necessary, all you need is a willing heart and patience to learn.

We have several positions available. Below is a list of those positions, along with a brief description:

Sound Technician

Works with microphone and monitor placement and full-band sound support. The audio crews are responsible for all that is heard on the stage and in the house.

Presentation Graphics Technician

Is in charge of setting up and projecting music and message slides for the weekend messages and special events. We currently use Pro Presenter and Powerpoint software.

Video Technician

Works with cameras, switchers, tv monitors and recorders. These teams will record the service for distribution, closed circuit monitoring and evaluation of the service.

Lighting Technician

Is in charge of positioning, programming and operating the conventional and intelligent lighting systems installed in the Worship Center. We work with color and mood to enhance the weekend services through music and the message.

Props and Staging Crew

Helps to design, develop and build the props and stage décor for the weekend services.

No experience? No problem! We will help you learn the necessary skills to help you be a success.

If you would like more information about getting involved with our Tech Team, please contact Craig King at (909) 875-5566 / Ext 200 (cking@sunrisechurch.org).