Teach Me Your Way

Cathy Hurtado

"They tell how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath.  1 Thessalonians 1:9b-10

Remember when you first came to Christ?  How excited you were?  How eager you were to let go of your old life?

Like the Thessalonians, when most of us came to Christ, we made a sharp turn away from our idols to serve God.  We were so eager to come to church and read the Bible.  We could hardly wait for Jesus’ return.  But over time, it is so easy to shift our focus right back to our idols.  Outwardly, we go through the motions of coming to church and doing Christian things, but inwardly God becomes distant.  Our hearts become calloused. The call of the idols in our lives becomes stronger than the leading of the Spirit.  Pretty soon we are serving social media, a sports team, or the power of a certain position.  Our hearts are drawn to TV shows, malls, food, or exercise; whatever it is in your life that is more important than God, or lures you away from serving God with an undivided heart. 

Because our hearts are deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9), we need to regularly examine our hearts.  We need to examine the choices we are making and what desires we allow to rule our lives.  This morning I turned on the radio.  At the same time I clearly sensed I had a choice, to be distracted by talk radio, or to put on music that would turn my focus to God.  Some days the choice is easy, other days it is not.  But, that is just the first minutes of my day.  Think of how many choices we make in the course of day.  How many of them do we make because we are being lured by our desires to serve the idols in our lives instead of listening to the leading of the Spirit, or letting God’s Word direct our actions?

Here are some questions for you to ponder:  Am I even aware of the presence of God in my life?  Is my focus on serving God and waiting for His return?  What do I spend my time, energy or money on (this reveals our idols)? What desires get preference over God in my life?  Is my heart tender enough to detect the Spirit trying to lead me with the Word of God?

The good news is that putting God back into His rightful place in our lives is a choice away.  Simply get alone with God.  Confess that you have put other things above of Him.  Ask Him to help you put Him first in your life.  Make the most important thing in your day to spend time with Him.

"Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name."  Psalm 86:11


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