Leader Code of Conduct

Sunrise Student Ministry has a responsibility to seek leaders who can provide healthy, safe and nurturing relationships. It is important our actions and lifestyles represent Jesus’ heart and attitude. Due to the nature of working with minors and students, we ask all ministry leaders and volunteers to agree to the following by initialing each section and signing at the end.


   All ministry leaders must receive approval from the Student Pastor (which includes a background check) before assuming responsibility and care of students.
   Learn and follow policies and procedures.
   Attend weekend services faithfully and model Sunrise Church’s Leader/Teacher Profile.
   Be reliable and dependable and do my best to attend meetings and trainings.
   Have respect for ministry and church authority figures, any leader/volunteer appointed by Staff, a person in charge at an event, camp staff, etc.
   Disagreements/frustrations should be handled in an appropriate manner, as outlined within Matthew 18:15-16 (go to the person in private first, then involve someone else if needed). Do not discuss issues, disagreements, frustrations with other leaders and/or students. 
   Uphold the standards of parents as long as their wishes do not directly conflict with Biblical principles. Do not dishonor parents by telling their students their parents are wrong, out of touch, or in any way undermine the parent’s authority.
   Never give out any leader’s/volunteer’s phone number without asking the person first.
   During all ministry services, events, classes, etc. please wear your ministry shirt and/or ministry badge.

__________I agree to the above policies.

Adult/Student Interaction Policies:

   No student is to be left alone at any time, for any reason while under the care and supervision of the Sunrise Student Ministry.
   No leader/volunteer should ever be alone with a single student where they are out of sight and/or behind closed doors (including bathroom stalls).
   There is to be NO physical contact for disciplinary reason (pinching, hitting, grabbing, etc.). Disciplinary action will follow the following procedures:
     • Give a verbal warning to the student
     • Involve Pastor Josh
     • Contact the parent/guardian as needed
     • Remove the student from service/event/activity.
   There should be NO physical contact with private parts of any child, student or adult.
   No prolonged touching. However, during extended times of ministry with students of the same gender, there are exceptions (consoling, hugging, etc.).
   Don’t linger in the bathroom when other students are using the restroom.
   Please use side hugs with students of the opposite gender.
   The following should be reported to Ministry Leadership immediately: parental complaints (about the ministry, other students, etc.), ANY injury or illness (especially head injuries or unconsciousness).
   No administration of any medication/remedies to students without permission from the Student Pastor.
   I will abide by Sunrise Student Ministries Limited Confidentiality policy and report any of the following to the Sunrise Student Pastor immediately: sexual activity, self-harm (cutting, anorexia, excessive drug or alcohol use, etc.), plans to harm others, suicide, any illegal drug use, inappropriate physical contact, violence and any other type of abuse.
   If a student shares about any type of abuse, before notifying outside agencies, please bring it up with the Student Pastor.
   Leaders are to be involved with the discipleship only with students of their same gender.
   Leaders are to use good judgment when giving rides to students. It is NOT recommended to be giving single rides to students of the opposite or same gender, or be alone in a car with a student. Please have 2 or more students in your car if you are driving them anywhere.
  At no time should a Leader be involved in a dating relationship with a student.
   Leaders are to not gossip or spread confidential information about other students.

__________I agree to the above ministry adult/student interaction policies.

Leader Personal Lifestyle Policies:

   Present myself in a thoughtful, Christ-like and life-giving way at all times…
     • …in dress, behavior and on social media
     • …when interacting with students, parents and those outside the ministry.
  Dress in a manner worthy of being a representative of Jesus Christ. Specifically, in youth ministry it is important to dress modestly and appropriately.
  Conduct your personal life and relationships with the heart of God and the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:17-23).
  Stay in the Word of God and be guided by His Spirit.
  Not be intoxicated with alcohol and walk free from slavery to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. I will be careful not to be a stumbling block to other and will conduct myself in such a way so that I am above reproach.
  Refrain from sexual immorality (including, but not limited to, pornography, co-habitation, adultery, homosexual behavior and premarital sex), profanity, lying, etc. If married, I will avoid any situation that might lead to an inappropriate physical or emotional relationship with anyone other than my spouse.
  If I find myself struggling with personal sin, I will seek help, be accountable and commit to recovery.
  Be mindful when talking about, promoting or approving any movies or music that could go against the moral character indicative of the Christian life.
  Use caution and good judgment when dealing with any phone calls, text messages, emails, social media platforms, etc. (i.e. what you post, like, comment and/or who you follow).

__________I agree to the above Leader personal lifestyle policies.


I understand and agree to the Sunrise Student Ministry Leader Code of Conduct. I understand if any of these are violated, I may have disqualified myself as a Sunrise Church Ministry Leader. I understand the Sunrise Church Ministry Staff and/or Pastoral Leadership may remove me if they believe it is in the best interest of the students and/or the church. 

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Handbook Additions:

  1. Sunrise Student Ministry leadership must abide by Limited Confidentiality, which applies to all areas of crisis to make sure we love our students and fulfill our legal obligation. This keeps our student’s identity confidential but still gives us the freedom to process the content shared within appropriate circles. If a student shares that he or she is going to harm him/herself or anyone else, this information must be shared with Pastoral Leadership. If a student shares about abuse that is currently happening, this must be reported to necessary authorities. If a student shares of abuse that has happened in the past, but there are other children in danger, authorities must be notified. If students share about any sexual activity that they are currently involved in, Pastoral Leadership must be notified. If a student asks if you will tell what they are about to share, the appropriate response is, “I will not tell anyone you told me this information, unless what you tell me puts you or others at risk.”