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Strengthening Your Connection With God

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Our purpose at Sunrise Church is to BE ONE person who is faithful to God, BRING ONE person to a personal relationship with Jesus, and BUILD ONE person to maturity in Christ.

In which order should I take these steps?

Within each step, you can complete each action in any order. You should complete the entire step first step before moving on to the second step; complete the entire second step before moving to the third step, etc. Some classes have prerequisites; others can be taken at any time. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (909) 875-5566.

Level 1

Worship Regularly

The first step is designed to help you faithfully follow Christ.

  • Attend worship services regularly
  • Receive Christ
  • Invite people to church regularly
  • Participate in volunteer service at Sunrise Church
  • 5 Step Follow-Up
     This step is designed to assist new believers in developing healthy spiritual habits. A leader (of the same sex) will contact you for 5-week, one-to-one follow-up and Bible study.
  • Complete Baptism/Membership
     This 3-day class (or 1-day class) is designed to help those interested in learning more about our church (what we believe, etc.), baptism, and membership.
  • Complete Discovery 1*
     This 6-week class will help build a solid foundation for your faith. You will learn foundational truths of spiritual life and growth.

*These classes may be taken during the first step or second step.

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Level 2

Mature Spiritually

The second step is designed to equip you to take personal responsibility for your own spiritual growth.

  • Pray and read your Bible daily
  • Attend "Fresh Encounter" regularly
     Praise and prayer service on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM in the Sunrise Worship Center.
  • Complete Discovery 2 (Prerequisite: Discovery 1)
     This class will help you discover the privileges of being a Christian and the key to living a successful Christian life. (6 weeks)
  • Complete Discovery 3
     This 5-week class is designed to help you share your faith with others and reach your community for Christ, fulfilling the second purpose of Sunrise Church—to BRING ONE person to a personal relationship with Jesus. This class can help you develop the confidence to become either a Prayer Partner or Spiritual Growth worker.
  • Connecting to Ministry
     Everyone has a place in Christ's church. This class helps you identify your spiritual gifts and how God can use you in His ministry. (6 weeks)
  • Participate in a small group regularly
     Praying and studying God's Word with a small group of believers.
  • Participate in church outreaches
  • Continue to serve in an ongoing ministry
  • Lead another person through New Life (1 - 1 Follow-Up)

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Level 3

Equip To Lead

Following Christ is a lifetime adventure as you continue to discover God's plan for your life. This next series is designed to equip those who are committed to growing in Christ by learning how to understand and apply God's Word.

  • Complete 9 Step Discipleship (Prerequisite: 5 Step Follow-Up)
     The next step takes you through a 9-week one-to-one Bible study to establish a spiritual foundation for growth. A leader (of the same sex) will contact you for one-to-one Bible study. (Book $9)
  • Complete Equipping 1 (Prerequisite Discovery 3)
    Introduction to the Bible teaches you how we got our Bible and how it is organized. (6 weeks)
  • Complete Equipping 2
    Basic Beliefs teaches you about the Bible, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Angels, Man, Sin, Salvation, Church, and the Future. (6 weeks)
  • Complete Equipping 3 (Prerequisite: Equipping 2)
    How to Study Your Bible teaches the basic skills needed to help you discover the riches in God's Word. (6 weeks)
  • Participate in a ministry apprenticeship
  • Participate in personal evangelism
     Utilize the training of Discovery 3 to share the Gospel with others through the Spiritual Growth Ministry.
  • Receive specific ministry training (ongoing)

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Level 4

Reproducing Leaders

The third part of our purpose at Sunrise Church is to BUILD ONE person to maturity in Christ. This next step is designed to help prepare you to become a leader in volunteer ministry and could lead to answering a call from God to serve in church leadership. Future teachers/leaders are encouraged to take Leadership Training.

  • Disciple another person (1 - 1 Discipleship)
  • Model and teach specific ministry training to ministry leaders (ongoing)
  • Develop and place ministry leaders who are active in equipping (ongoing)
  • Lead ministry leaders who are active in equipping (ongoing)
  • Model and teach specific ministry skills to individuals who reproduce their lives into other people (ongoing)
  • Recruiting and developing individuals to mentor others (ongoing)

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Discovery 1
Sunday, 7/14 | 9am | Room 142
Sunday, 7/14 | 11am | Room 142 

Discovery 2  (Prerequisite: Discovery 1)
Sunday, 7/14 | 9am | Room 148
Sunday, 7/14 | 11am | Room 148
Thursday, 7/18 | 7pm | Room 150

Discovery 3 (Prerequisite: Discovery 2)
Sunday, 7/14 | 9am | Room 150
Sunday, 7/14 | 11am | Room 150

Equipping 1: Intro to the Bible

Equipping 2: Basic Beliefs
Sunday, 7/14 | 11am | Room 260

Equipping 3: How to Study Your Bible (Prerequisite: Discovery 1-3)

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Membership/Baptism Class 
Sunday, 7/21 | 12:30pm | Room 262
Childcare is available; please sign-up to reserve your spot.

For more info, call 909-875-5566.