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Strengthening Your Connection With God

Our purpose at Sunrise Church is to BE ONE person who is faithful to God, BRING ONE person to a personal relationship with Jesus, and BUILD ONE person to maturity in Christ.

A believer grows in his/her relationship with Christ by making a commitment to spend time alone each day with God (in prayer), being in His Word (the Bible), attending church services, being in fellowship with other believers, serving in volunteer ministry and continually learning through spiritual growth classes and Bible studies. The following steps in our spiritual growth process are designed to help you to grow and mature in your relationship with Christ. Classes are offered year round. Some classes have prerequisites; others can be taken at any time. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 909-984-4419.


Worship Regularly

  • Attend worship services regularly
  • Receive Christ
  • Invite others to church regularly
  • Participate in entry-level ministry at Sunrise Church
  • Complete 5 Step 1-to-1 Follow-Up
    This step is designed to assist new believers in developing healthy spiritual habits. A leader (of the same sex) will contact you for 5-week, one-to-one follow-up and Bible study.
  • Complete Baptism/Membership
    This 1-day class is designed to help those interested in learning more about our church (what we believe, etc.), baptism, and membership.
  • Complete Discovery 1
    This 6-week class will help build a solid foundation for your faith. You will learn foundational truths of spiritual life and growth.
  • Pray and read your Bible daily

Mature Spiritually

  • Complete Discovery 2
    This class will help you discover the privileges of being a Christian and the key to living a successful Christian life. (6 weeks)
  • Complete Discovery 3
    This class will help you discover how God can impact the world through you. Learn how to love and forgive others. (6 weeks)
  • Complete 1-to-1 Discipleship
    The next step takes you through a 9-week one-to-one Bible study to establish a spiritual foundation for growth. A leader (of the same sex) will contact you for one-to-one Bible study. (Book $10)
  • Participate in a small group/class regularly
    Praying and studying God's Word with a small group of believers.
  • Participate in church and personal outreach
  • Commit to serve in an ongoing ministry
  • Lead another person through 5 Step Follow-up (1 - 1 Follow-Up)


This step is designed to equip those who are committed to growing in Christ by learning how to understand and apply God's Word.

  • Complete Equipping - Introduction to the Bible
    Introduction to the Bible teaches you how the Bible is organized and the history and structure contained within it. (6 weeks)
  • Complete Equipping - Basic Beliefs
    Basic Beliefs teaches you about the 10 essential Christian beliefs. (6 weeks)
  • Complete Equipping - How to Study Your Bible
    How to Study the Bible teaches the basic skills needed to help you study and learn from God's Word on your own. (6 weeks)
  • Disciple another person (9 week 1-to-1)
  • Receive specific ministry training (ongoing)


This step is designed to deepen your growth in biblical knowledge, prepare you to serve, and then to lead.

  • Take Growth Series classes
  • Host/Facilitate a small group
  • Lead or assist in leading a ministry

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Spiritual Growth Process:

Sunrise Church uses a well-defined spiritual process to provide people with growth opportunities at every stage. Please fill out the form below to indicate the next step in your journey.