Seeing the Value of Wisdom

“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance” (Proverbs 1:5).

People do things because they value them. For example, a person might be told by the doctor not to shoot baskets until their foot heals. But they see the ball in the driveway, and then the basketball hoop. Before long, they begin to shoot baskets. They did so, not so much because they rejected the advice of their doctor, but because they saw value in shooting the baskets. What they failed to do, was to evaluate their own values. They traded long-term health for short-term fun.

People do this in life as well, but actually risk their own souls when they make a similar exchange. The world offers values of sorts. You can embrace fun, indulge lust, and sin up a storm for a few short years, or you can live for God. When you choose to live for God, you will surrender some worldly enjoyments because God’s Word makes demands upon us. We no longer live for this world’s values, but for Him who died and rose on our behalf (2 Corinthians 5:15).

We need to cut through all the short-term distractions long enough to see the eternal value of living for God each day. The promise above leads to a life guided by God. He guides us to safety and godliness, even though we endure hardships through this life. But we will not pursue this path if we do not place a high value on it.

How can we value wisdom?

1. Think long-term.
A long-term approach brings great benefits. College students sometimes lose focus when they choose to party instead of hitting the books. Solution: work backwards. Focus on the goal, then ask, “How can I get there?” Soon you will develop a plan that prioritizes your schedule and discards irrelevant matters. Of course, God wants us to see the value of living for Him, so we need to remember each day that He comes first.

2. Don’t quit.
Anything worthy of serious effort is easy to quit. Some people get off to great starts, but fail to finish. In a long drive through the desert, we may draw inspiration from distant mountains, but we need to drive on to reach our destination. We will make the finish line by taking a step at a time, but always moving forward toward our ultimate goal (Philippians 3:14).

3. Trust in God.
We need God in order to thrive in this life. He promises us wisdom for the journey, and a promise to walk with us along the way. What a blessing for God to meet with us and hear our prayers. Let’s place our complete trust in Him and His plan. We will not be disappointed.

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