Sunrise Released Time Bible Education

Free Bible Classes for Students in the 4th & 5th Grade Classrooms
Offered by:  Sunrise Church 2759 North Ayala, Rialto, Ca. 92377 (909-875-5566)



Teachers use a variety of methods to teach the Bible lessons.  Students learn from Bible songs, object lessons, worksheets and memory verse games.  Released Time students participate in a Bible Verse contest and have the opportunity to attend a week of Bible camp in the summer.  Children must have a parent or legal guardian's permission to attend. We are taking enrollment now through the month of August 2017 only!

Each classroom is supplied with Bibles and students are taught why the Bible is unique and how to use it.  The classes establish a high moral standard and strong character development based on the Bible.  Students learn the biblical account of many historical events using both the Old Testament and New Testament.  The Curriculum develops a relationship with God and respect for parents, teachers and peers.  There is no cost.

Classes walk with their Sunrise teachers to Sunrise Church, during the 12:45-1:45pm period of the school day on Fridays, starting September 8, 2017 and ending March 2, 2018. They are walked back to the school.  Trapp teachers will try to assign homework and important lessons during the other days and times of the week, to help our Released Time students participate in everything necessary.  Any make-ups will be allowed as well.

Disciplinary Measures
Released Time is a voluntary program and a privilege for the fourth and fifth grade students to attend.  Any continual disruptive behavior may constitute a removal from class.  If this happens, parents will be notified whether or not the child will be permitted back the following Friday and what the concerns were.

In the event of extreme weather, i.e. heavy rain or hurricane like wind conditions, the children will not attend Released Time that week.  Students will remain in their Trapp Elementary classrooms.

Illness or Injury
Sunrise Church is not equipped with a nurse on staff, so the most we can administer is a band-aid.  If children become ill or get hurt, they will be taken back to Trapp Elementary school for their procedures to be followed.

State Education Code
California State Education code #46014 allows parents to take their children out of public schools for one hour per week for religious and moral instruction.  Released Time Bible Education may be designated to provide this instruction for your child or children.  This requires a signature from a parent or guardian.  Permission slips are on our website, or in the Office at Trapp.  Permission slips turned in by Thursday will be able to attend that Friday’s Released Time class.

If you have any further questions, please call (909) 875-5566.