Dave Jones

"Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall."  Psalm 55:11

Do you remember a time in your childhood when you were standing on the side of a swimming pool, pier or boat dock and your father, big brother or big sister was in the water, holding their arms out to you and saying, “Jump, I’ll catch you!”?  You were probably afraid they would not catch you and you would sink to the bottom.  Eventually after much coaxing, you finally rallied enough courage to jump out over the water into their waiting arms.

Once you were safe in their arms you thought, “Hooray!  I’m safe, that was fun”.  When you got out of the water and back onto the edge of water, you were less frightened about jumping into their waiting arms again.  You knew they caught you before, and could do it again.  So you jumped again, they caught you again, and before long, there was no fear at all – only the trust and assurance that they would catch you.  What once caused fear became a joy and bond between the two of you.

That’s a mere shadow of the kind of trust we can have in God, our heavenly Father. When we are facing adversity and temptation, can we trust in the promises of God? Absolutely. The first time we take a leap of faith into His arms, we may be afraid. Will He really be there for us? The next time, we know that He’ll keep us because He says He will, He did it before, and because He does not lie. After several experiences, we begin to recognize the absolute reliability of God. Though adversity and temptation makes it necessary for us to jump, we can rejoice in the faithfulness and loving-kindness of our Father who is waiting there to catch us.

“It is often in the very midst of our adversities that we experience the most delightful manifestations of His love,” advises Jerry Bridges.  And Deborah Howard adds, “But along with the discomfort, the suffering, and the apprehension of the adversities or temptations, God often manifests His trustworthiness through the love and support of friends, family, pastors and church family.”

If you are facing adversity or temptations today, trust God.  If a friend or family member is facing adversity or temptations today, trust God to use you to love and support them.

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