Our Purpose

Be One

To be one person who is faithful to God by knowing Jesus Christ in a personal relationship, by coming together to worship God joyfully, and by living in daily obedience to God’s Word.

Bring One

To bring one person to a personal relationship with Jesus by communicating the gospel in our neighborhoods, and around the world, by meeting the needs of people lovingly, and by daily living a God-honoring life.

Build One

To build one person to maturity in Christ by teaching God’s Word, the Bible, by caring for one another as a community of Christian friends, by making disciples and disciple makers, and by equipping Christians for ministry (every member a minister).

Our Vision

We will be a growing church in obedience to the Bible for the glory of God. We will utilize primarily contemporary worship styles, develop disciples and leaders through small group and one-to-one ministries and reach out to all ethnic groups and segments of our community without distinction or separation. We will seek to bring all people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, help them grow in Biblical obedience and equip them to serve in our church and world. We envision growth through an emphasis on outreach to the unchurched community. We are committed to personal and financial involvement in evangelism and church growth locally and around the world. We will seek to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of the whole person.


The Bible teaches that God does not discriminate between people of different ethnicities. He welcomes them all into His family as they believe in His Son the Lord Jesus. He also commands His people not to discriminate. As much as possible, the church should resemble heaven. There we find souls "from every nation, tribe, people and language" (Rev. 7:9).


Culture can be defined as "the customary beliefs, social forms, and traits of a particular group." Sunrise Church does not believe that God excludes anyone because of his or her cultural background. His people should also welcome and be enriched by people from different backgrounds.


In recent years, we've witnessed some "generational divides." But the Bible instructs us not to divide, rather appreciate one another even though we may represent different age groups (see Tit. 2:1-8). Sunrise Church brings people together while recognizing each group's needs.


In obedience to the Great Commission, Sunrise Church has reached out beyond its own community in order to establish Bible teaching churches that reproduce themselves. As God leads us, we will expand our church to other locations in order to reach those people for Christ.