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Keith Knight

"And Ananias went his way and entered the house; and laying his hands on him he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you came, has sent me that you may receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”  (Acts 9:17)

The Book of Acts is both exciting and encouraging because it gives an account of thousands who witnessed their new faith in Christ and the transformation that took place.  In Acts 9, God leads Ananias to go to Saul, to pray for him, and to help him in that very critical, transitional moment after his commitment to Christ.  Ananias was very reluctant to go because Saul had persecuted and done terrible things to the believers in Jerusalem.  In essence, Ananias thought Saul could never become a Christian.  But God makes impossible things possible!!!  Later, God brought a man named Barnabas to introduce Saul to other believers and help him in his spiritual journey.  The outcome was that Saul changed his name to Paul and God used his life mightily.

Every new believer needs to grow spiritually and have fellowship with other believers.  If you are a parent you know that some things are taught, and that some things are caught.  New believers need to see a living example of the Christian life.  How do Christians act?  What do Christians do in their free time?  How do Christians treat each other? New believers need to be out there in the real world with you, seeing how real life as a Christian plays out.

I’m grateful that many years ago, while in high school, God placed a good friend in my life and he had the boldness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Accepting Jesus Christ into my heart was the best decision I’ve ever made. Accepting Christ is best decision anyone can make.  My friend and his dad (who was my pastor) relocated to Texas soon after I started my spiritual journey.  At the time, I was not mature in my Christian walk, I did not know how to grow spiritually and I needed fellowship as well as accountability.  As a result, I stumbled as a new Christian.

As I look back, I realize that I had one crucial element missing; a vital ingredient for New Believers in the Christian faith.  New Believers Need…“FOLLOW-UP”!!!  Apart from receiving Christ, I believe that 1-1 Follow-Up is the most important step a person can make in their walk with God.  I’m convinced that a new believer needs to “FOLLOW-UP” with another mature Christian 1-to-1, man-to-man, woman-to-woman.  Meeting together 1-1 helps the new believer understand the decision they made in accepting Christ.  It teaches the new believer about the assurance of salvation, God’s love, His grace, forgiveness, and developing a personal relationship.  I’m committed to befriending new believers because I feel it’s essential and it was something that I lacked in my life.  And God has blessed my life every time I’ve spent time connecting with a new believer!

People accept Christ each week and “FOLLOW-UP” with them is huge.  At Sunrise Church, we have the tools to help you to be a mentor to a new believer.  It’s a key step in the spiritual growth process.  Many of us would like to be a Paul, but are we willing to be an Ananias or a Barnabas?  Are you willing to be a friend to a new believer?  Are you willing to spend time with a new believer and go over the “1-1 Follow-up” material?

I encourage you, don’t miss God’s blessing and opportunity to help nurture and develop a new believer… it’s time well spent!!!

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