Miracles, Destiny and Providence

Dave Jones

"But He is unchangeable, and who can turn Him back?  What He desires, that He does."  Job 23:13

“We said a prayer that God would watch over us,” reported Sherri Conley of Oklahoma.  She told how she, her husband, and two sons had huddled in their hallway linen closet for protection from a deadly tornado.  After the storm passed, she discovered that the closet was the only thing left standing from the family’s home.

John Van Diest has written on the often used expression, “It was meant to be.”  How many times have you used those words to describe a wonderful coincidence that brought joy to your life?  Without a doubt, at times there seems to be no other explanation for the unlikely chains of events that lead to the blessings we receive.  Destiny?  Hmm, perhaps …..  The very word intrigues us with its implication that certain events in our lives were preordained by One who has our ultimate good in mind.

There is something thrilling about the prospect of a loving God looking out for us, bringing into our lives the people and circumstances we need through the natural order of life, and even through miracles.  Yet there is something intimidating, as well, about this belief.  For if we acknowledge that God is truly “out there,” acting on our behalf, then it naturally follows that we must decide how we will respond to Him.

This may explain why we sometimes try to convince ourselves that miraculous events are really nothing more than “cosmic accidents.”  Yet there is no such thing as a true accident.  Nothing happens outside of God’s plan.  Though we do not always understand His purpose, and though we struggle through times of suffering and confusion, God remains in control …. Always.  In fact, it is frequently the very circumstances that cause us pain that God uses to bring us our greatest joy.  Time after time we see the lives of others touched by God’s hand and often experience it personally.

Happy coincidences?  Acts of love?  Miracles?  You decide.

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