Welcome to Sunrise Kids!

It is all about kids! Being creative and having a blast, interacting with others, and learning about the love of God. We have two environments created for your kids:

Noah's Neighborhood

Birth - 36 months

In Noah's Neighborhood, we provide nursery care for birth up to 36 months (or moved up sooner if potty trained).

You will find trained loving caregivers ready to care for your baby. This is more than just babysitting. We will show them the love of Jesus through rocking them, singing with them, changing them, and playing with them. All of our caregivers have had background checks.  Our classrooms are age-appropriate and are full of fun. Our leaders teach your children through interactive Bible stories, action packed songs, crafts, and games. All are focused on what God has done and how much He loves them. Children are encouraged to bring their Bibles and offering each week. Throughout the year, we have a variety of special activities available.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone is designed for children for 3 years (potty trained) through 5th grade.

In the Kids Zone, your children will learn and have fun in our Bible Learning and Spiritual Training (B.L.A.S.T.) program.  This program is designed for children preschool and elementary school age.  Cool worship with modern music, crazy games, drama, skits, and exciting teaching await your child every Sunday.  Your child will learn Bible stories and how to apply them to their lives today.  Small groups are an important part of our program in order to provide a safe, loving setting for your child to ask questions and share their comments.

The classrooms are open 10 minutes prior to the beginning of service.  Sunday morning classes are at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and are lead by trained leaders who are excited to be with your children and teach them about Jesus.  All of our leaders have had background checks.

Throughout the year, we have a variety of special activities.

Information for Parents

Safety & Security


Upon check-in at Noah's Neighborhood, you will sign your baby in on the clipboard and receive a pager. Put the pager number next to your baby's name. Please return pager when you pick up your baby.

3 years - Kindergarten

We ask that you walk your child to the Children's Building #2 and sign them in at the registration table. When the service is over, we ask that you return to the same building and pick your child up from his or her teacher. No child will be able to leave without a parent or guardian.

Kids Zone

We ask that you walk your child to the Children's Building #2. They can sign themselves in at the registration table. When the service is over, you will need to return to the same building to pick them up. No child will be able to leave unless they have permission from their parent or guardian to do so (mostly this privilege is for 5th graders).



Our nursery does not provide snacks.

Kids Zone - Preschool - 5th

They are offered water, goldfish, and cheeze-it crackers for snacks.  Children in kindergarten through 5th grade may occasionally receive candy for a special incentive such as memorizing Bible verses.