Dave Jones

"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD."  Psalm 31:24

When we’re stranded in the wilderness, it’s good to know how to build a fire, purify water, build a shelter, and  signal for help.  All of these things are helpful, but experts tell us that the single most important skill needed for survival is hope and the will to survive.  Imagine getting lost in a dense forest.  After a wrong turn, you try to retrace your steps and nothing looks familiar.  And just as it begins to look like you’ve run out of possibilities and fear begins to displace hope, you find a tall tree, climb up high in its branches, look around hopefully to find something familiar, and joyfully discover that your camp is only a short distance away.  This is hope!  It reassures us, it teaches us in the midst of affliction or turmoil and reminds us that we are not far from God.

Difficult relationships, failing health, financial losses and disappointments are tough times that can cause us to feel lost and without hope.  Hope is a gift from God.  Fortified with hope, we can stick it out, faithfully praying for ourselves and others in need.  He is that “tallest tree” and He can give us the wisdom and perspective we need.  As we take our difficult circumstances to God, He gives us a renewed hope through His wisdom and encouragement.  The strength we require will reach us in our time of need.  God bless you as you face your challenges and I pray that you will be strong and courageous through your hope in the LORD.

I've Discovered the Way of Gladness


Mankind is searching every day, in quest of something new

But I have found the living way, the path of pleasures true


I've discovered the way of gladness, I've discovered the way of joy

I've discovered the relief from sadness, tis a happiness without alloy

I've discovered the fount of blessings, I've discovered the living word

T'was the greatest of all discoveries, when I found Jesus my Lord

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