God Wants the Whoooole Enchilada, or In This Case Fajita

Doug Story

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."  Mark 12:30

One of my favorite places to eat out is Chili’s.  It is a fun environment, people are friendly, they have televisions with sports playing on them, and most importantly they have fajitas.  Yes, fajitas. I love the fajitas.  They are amazing and I order one almost every single time I go.  They just do fajitas right.  It’s a festival of flavor that they put on display for you and they make it almost a production as they bring it to your table.  You have your little sealed container for your tortillas, making sure they are nice and warm.  You get a special dish with all your toppings and extras.  The cheese, the guacamole, the pico, the sour cream, the rice all nicely displayed in their own dishes so you can serve it up just how you like it.  Then the meat comes out on a skillet that is so hot they have to give you a nice little mitten for the handle and you can hear the meat, onions, and peppers crackling away as they bring it to your table. It is culinary perfection at its finest.  The whole package is amazing.

I have never been to Chili’s and ordered a fajita plate and then the waiter just bring out the toppings and tortillas.  Or have them place in front of me this wonderful sizzling hot skillet of just peppers.  What if the they came to my table and said “here is your fajitas, enjoy just the shredded cheese.”  That would be lame and mean.  A fajita is supposed to be the whole thing.  All of it.  No exceptions.  No substitutions.  No withholding.  The order entails them bringing all of it to the table, plain and simple.

How sad it is that Christians do the same thing today.  We withhold parts of our lives from God.  We freely let God have control of this piece of our life, but not that one.  God, you can be in charge of my relationships, but not my finances.  God, I will honor you with my eyes, but not my mouth.  God, I will serve people on Sunday mornings, but I will gossip about people on Friday nights.  I will sing to you in public, but what I do in the privacy of my own home is my business not yours.  We give pieces to God, because the idea of fully surrendering seems a little obtrusive and cumbersome.  It seems like God is asking for a lot.

Jesus was asked a pretty simple question, “What’s the greatest commandment?”  His response in Mark 12 was pretty straight forward.  “I want every part of you to love God.”  That’s right the whooooole enchilada, or in this case a fajita.  Jesus said that we need to love God with all our heart.  Every passion and desire we have needs to come from Him, needs to honor Him, and needs to be a representation of love to Him.  Jesus also said we need to love God with all of our soul.  Every fiber of your being, every aspect of your life should love God.  Jesus then said we need to love God with all our mind.  Every thought and idea needs to be about loving God more.  Finally, Jesus said we need to love God with all our strength.  All of our energy, all of our actions, every single movement we make needs to be about loving God.  Are you getting the idea here?  God wants all of you.  He deserves all of you.  He sent His one and only Son to die for all of you, not just a piece of you that you think is most convenient.

Yes I know this is a tall order.  But the beauty of this type of order is that when we give our all to God we experience something so much greater.  We experience God in a way where He is our source of hope, our source of happiness, our source of direction, and our source of much more.  In short, He becomes our source of everything.  Just the way it should be.

So don’t miss out on giving to God all that He deserves.

Heavenly Father, Forgive me for withholding the parts of my life in which I have.  Help me to love with You with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength.  Help me live a life that is completely for You.  Amen.

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