Glorifying the Lord of Our Minds

“And he said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’ ” (Matthew 22:37).

When we think of the term “love,” we naturally associate it with warm feelings, emotional expressions and even deeds. But Jesus does not limit love to feelings and activities. He mentions the mind as a way we express love to God. Notice the object of our love: the Lord our God. The One we submit to as Lord requires that we equally submit our minds to Him as a means of bringing glory to His name.

Social scientists lament the effects of social “distractions” on our minds. When we visit a web page we click on links to gossip pages that provide the latest scoop on entertainment and sports celebrities. This great organ called the human brain was created by God to separate us from brute beasts. It sometimes gets reduced to mush by how we use it.

What are some ways to glorify God with our minds?

1. Stretch it.
Most people, unfortunately, do not use their minds to their fullest extent. Sadly, we often fail to even exercise it other than to peruse social media pages. But God created the mind to be employed in useful endeavors. Civilizations have been built because a few individuals used their God-given minds for noble purposes. Many minds today have downshifted to neutral, and idle through life making little progress at all. We should glorify God with our minds by stretching it further than we thought possible.

Students should honor God by performing well academically. At work, we should make wise decisions and use resources prudently. This cannot be accomplished without using our minds.

2. Sanctify it.
To “sanctify” means to “set apart.” For example, we should set apart our bodies as God’s holy temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 2 Corinthians 6:16). But we should also set apart our minds for God’s purposes. We should ask, “How can I glorify God with my mind?” Occasionally someone remarks, “Why does the world have all the great minds?” Not true. The church has plenty of good thinkers, but not all of them employ their minds in the service of God.

3. Use it.
In this devotion, we have linked our minds with Christ’s lordship. Since He is Lord, we should use our minds in ways that bring honor to Him and bring help to others. Most people primarily seek financial gain with their minds. While God may choose to prosper us financially, our fundamental motive must rise above financial gain alone. We should ask, “How can I help others with my mind?”

God gave humans the gift of mental superiority over all other creation. We should, therefore, employ our minds to His glory.

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