What are the people like at Sunrise?
People from all backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups, and income levels call Sunrise Church their home.  People tend to “stick” at Sunrise Church, often after the first visit, in part because the people demonstrate a friendly, welcoming spirit.

What’s the worship music like?
Our church has a contemporary, energetic and dynamic musical style that leads people into the worship of God. Our focus in our weekend services is on passionate celebration and giving God praise and honor through our collective worship.  We want our worship experience to be a truly engaging experience.

What’s the teaching like?
The messages from the worship services stay true to God’s Word, but also connect with people where they’re at. The teaching at Sunrise leads people to connect with God and grow in their faith.

How should I dress?
Sunrise Church is more concerned about connecting people to God than what they wear to church. Many of our people dress casually.

Will I be asked to do or say anything publicly?
No. We want you to relax and enjoy the service.

Who is the pastor?
Joel Sanchez is the Campus Pastor of Sunrise Banning.

What is a “multi-site” church?
A multi-site church like Sunrise Church is one church in two or more locations.  Currently, Sunrise Church meets in six locations, Rialto, South Rialto, Wrightwood, Ontario, Banning and Victorville.

Do you have a church email newsletter?
Yes, you may sign-up on the home page, or by clicking here.

How do I get involved?
By attending one of our Discovery Classes or groups.  You may also contact the church for other opportunities, or by clicking here. (take them to get connected page)

Is Sunrise Church affiliated with any organization or denomination?
While Sunrise Church does not formally belong to a denomination, we do affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention.

What is the leadership structure at Sunrise Church?
Sunrise Church is led by a godly group of elders.

How can I begin a spiritual relationship with God?
By receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior.  We can help you get to know God.  If you stop by the Spiritual Growth table in or near the Lobby, we’ll pray with you and give you a “Coming to God” packet.