Expanding Your Influence

“He first found his own brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (which means Christ)” (John 1:41).

Very few people keep good news to themselves. When we get engaged, we tell people. When we get a raise, we want to rejoice and share it with those we love. When a couple learns they are expecting, they rejoice, but also tell others.

When Andrew found Jesus (i.e., “the Messiah”), he ran and told Peter his brother. From this, we can observe several things:

1. He instinctively told Peter his brother.
He didn’t request training, didn’t attend a class and no one accompanied him. He just bolted and told his brother the good news. Classes can be very helpful, but everyone can share their story of coming to Christ.

2. He first spoke to those close to him.
Peter might have brushed off another person coming up to him with the news. But seeing Andrew, Peter took notice. All of us can connect with someone, usually someone in our immediate circle.

3. God used Andrew’s witness.
Though not mentioned prominently in the Bible, Andrew faithfully served God, but through Peter, influenced millions. Peter was a prominent apostle, who wrote two letters and preached sermons now in the Book of Acts. Andrew faithfully shared his faith, and Peter responded to that message. He then went out and influenced millions.

God has called a few to serve Him in highly public capacities, but all of us can be used of God. Where do we begin? Just tell someone what happened to you. Share your story of how you found Christ and what He has done for you. You will be thrilled, but more important, someone else will hear the great news.

Finally, never downplay even a brief witness for Christ. Andrew had no idea his witness would lead to a transformed world. But he was faithful to tell it to Peter who, in turn, was greatly used by God. Christ’s church has always been built one by one by one. It always will be. Giving out a word for Christ might have monumental results down the line. Living your life for Christ might lead onlookers to inquire more about God. You might think you only carry a dim light, but never play down small beginnings. Your witness matters.

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