Don't Be Afraid

“...because they all saw Him and were terrified.  Immediately He spoke to them and said, ‘Take courage!  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.’”  Mark 6:50

When we are tossed by the waves and winds of life, do we think God would say something like: “repent of your sins,” or “if you used your brains you wouldn’t get yourself in such fixes”?  What does He really say?  We have the answer in the text: “Do not be afraid.”

No human emotion is sinful in itself.  Jesus displayed anger when cleansing the temple and He expressed sorrow in the garden of Gethsemane.  Fear can save our lives at times.  When you’re on a hike and spot a rattlesnake, fear (and common sense) causes you to take measures to elude the snake.

But fear can also cripple us, and cause us to lose faith.  Read 1 John 4:18 and 2 Timothy 1:7.  In these passages, the writers warn us against the kinds of fear that take our eyes off of God.  When we tally up the bills and available funds do not add up, we may be tempted to fear the future.  When single people pray that God would provide them a godly mate, and another year goes by and they’re still alone, they might be afraid they will never find anyone.

Child of God, God has three words for you:  Don’t be afraid.  The entire world resides in the grips of fear, but we need not let it destroy our joy.  Jesus said the time is coming when people’s very hearts will fail them because of fear (Luke 21:26), but it need not devour the believer.

When troubles surround you and your have no where to turn, do not be afraid.  The One who created you and saved you will is speaking to you:  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t give in to your worries and fears, but instead trust in God.  He will provide for you.

I Just Keep Trusting My Lord

I just keep trusting my Lord, as I walk along
I just keep trusting my Lord, and He gives a song;
Tho the storm clouds darken the sky, o'er the heav'nly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail

He's a faithful friend, such a faithful friend
I can count on Him to the very end
Tho the storm clouds darken the sky, o'er the heav'nly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail


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