By Grace

Gerardo Zavala

"And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace." Romans 11:6

A man dies and is transported to heaven.  Of course, he finds St. Peter waiting in the entrance and says to the man, "This is how things work round here.  You need one hundred points to enter heaven.  So, you must mention all your good acts and I will assign a number of points for each, depending on how good they were.  When you total one hundred points then you will be able to enter heaven."  "Ok," says the man.  "Well I was married to the same women for 50 years and I never was unfaithful…not even in my heart."  "Great," said St. Peter.  "That is worth 3 points."  "Three points?" asks the man.  "Well I also assisted in church all my life and sustained it with my tithes, offerings and services."  "Marvelous," said St. Peter.  "That surely has a value of 1 point."  "One point!" exclaims the man.  "Well, let's see what you think of this?  I also helped the poor people of my city, feeding them, and dressing them."  "Fantastic," said St. Peter.  "Another two points go towards your account."  "Two points!", screams the man.  "If we keep this up, the only way I will enter heaven is through the grace of God."  "That’s right, Welcome!" said St. Peter.

When you have a correct understanding of the doctrine of grace from the beginning of your Christian walk, you avoid many problems that can come up in the future.  It is very important to understand that salvation is a free gift from the grace of God and it’s given to those that not only don’t deserve it, but really deserve the worst.  There is no such good act that can be done to deserve salvation.  It is given only to those that depend completely on the good act of our Savior.

We must understand that salvation by grace is exactly that "free," because this is the only way you can be certain of your salvation.  If salvation depended on us or our lowest grade of our miserable acts, than we just could not have that certainty.  We just wouldn’t know if our acts have been sufficient or good enough.  But, when we rely on the acts of Christ, then there is no place for doubt.

So this is true for our eternal living.  If it would depend on the measures of our capacity to maintain ourselves firm in Christ, than this would mean we can be saved today but lost tomorrow.  But, when our security depends in the capacity of our Savior to guide us and keep us, than we know we our protected eternally.

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