Build a Hedge

Keith Knight

“Do not commit adultery.”  Exodus 20:14

In the Bible, the word hedge is used as a picture of protection.  In Job 1:10, Satan replied and complained to the Lord for putting a hedge of protection around Job, his home and his property.  With this hedge of protection in place, Satan was unable to attack Job.  Likewise, God also instructs us in the Bible and commands us to put a protective hedge around our marriage.  The Bible says in Exodus 20:14 “Do not commit adultery.” Obeying this command from God creates a strong barrier, a hedge that keeps your marriage safe, secure and pure.

I think we all have witnessed the harm and the hurt when infidelity happens in a marriage.  The physical, emotional and relational destruction that occurs is huge.  Adultery not only impacts your marriage but the effects on children, grandchildren and your entire family can be detrimental.  Trust has been broken and violated.  The hurt and pain is real.  But the greatest damage adultery brings is in your relationship with God. In Psalm 51:4 King David committed adultery with Bathsheba and this was the cry of his heart as he pleaded with God for mercy and forgiveness, "Against you and you only, have I sinned; I have done what is evil in your sight."  While adultery is a sin, the good news is you can be forgiven and restore your relationship with God (1 John 1:9).  So, how do you prevent adultery from happening?  How do you build a hedge around your marriage?

First off, build a hedge of protection around your mind.  This is where the battle is fought and the enemy of your soul is on the attack, waiting to devour.  As humans, the visual rolodex of images that have been seared into our mind are endless.  Negative, impure images that have distorted our mind.  So, where is your thought life?  Will you win or lose in this battle of lust?  You have choice on what to dwell on. In Job 31:1, Job said, "I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust upon a young woman."  That my friend is great advice! Bottom line… Stay connected with God.

Second, build a hedge of protection against temptation.  You are bombarded all the time with sexual temptation.  Our culture and society deem sexuality acceptable, so again, you have a choice.  Avoid being on the internet alone, be alert to what your viewing on your cell phone, be on guard to what movies and TV channels that are causing you to stumble. Sever any emotional affair and any attachment that jeopardizes your marriage.  Establish safe boundaries and maintain appropriate distances in relationships with the opposite sex.  You need to turn, flee and run from every sexual temptation.  Bottom line… Stay accountable with another Christian.

Lastly, build a hedge of affection surrounding your marriage.  Marriages are not compromised and collapse overnight; they suffer a slow, subtle leak.  I encourage you to seek ways to help your spouse feel physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.  Know your spouse’s “Love Language.”  Try writing your spouse a letter, buy them an unexpected gift, demonstrate an act of service or just spend quality time together.  Maybe renew your wedding vows in a public ceremony.  Bottom line…Stay connected and accountable to your spouse.

Let’s pray and ask God to help us cultivate and build a hedge of protection in our marriages through our thoughts, words and actions.

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