Be Sure

Dave Jones

“Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure.”  Romans 2:2

Do you travel a lot?  Those who travel frequently spend a considerable amount of time in airports.  After the terrorist attacks of September 11, airport security has become more stringent and time consuming.  Occasional travelers continue to be frustrated with the inconvenience, but frequent fliers have become accustomed to the rigid requirement of the TSA.  One accommodation airports have made to lessen the hassle for those who fly frequently is a line at the security checkpoint labeled, “Expert Travelers”.  This allows those who fly often to avoid delays encountered in the regular security lines.  People who choose this option understand the screening process and know how to move expeditiously through it.  Keith Burden once found himself in the “Expert Traveler” line behind two men who had been cleared and a woman who was involved in conversation with a TSA agent.  The woman did not have the required photo ID and was eventually removed from the line so others could pass through.

This event is similar to trying to go to Heaven without a Biblical basis.  Those who have not experienced the new birth and try to enter Heaven without accepting Christ as their Savior is like trying to go through airport security without a valid ID.  It won’t happen.  Although someone might occasionally slip through airport security, God’s judgment is even more certain than x-ray machines, body scans and TSA agents.  “The Lord knoweth them that are His” and “we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth.”  Have you made the necessary arrangement to go to Heaven?  Don’t miss this trip, be certain!

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