Carlo Mendoza 

"Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm."  Proverbs 13:20

Last month, my grandmother passed away after 94 years on this earth and one thing I will never forget is the advice that she gave me. As the wise matriarch of the family, she always imparted words of wisdom, especially to those who needed it most, her grandchildren. One of the sayings she so often said can be loosely translated as: choose wisely when selecting your best friends, or as she would say “barkada”.

It is crucial that we make good choices regarding who we choose to closely associate with, whether it is a person we are pursuing for marriage, a person we are partnering with in business, or a person we are picking as our best friend. We should not be so ignorant to think that we will not be influenced by them in some form or fashion. This happens to be both the good news and the bad news.

This idea of not being close companions with mischievous people was particularly emphasized as I entered my teenage years. Foolishly, some of her grandchildren, including myself, failed to heed these words of wisdom and started running with the wrong crowd. This foolish decision led to a series of bad choices that resulted in harsh consequences, even beyond my adolescence.

After surrendering my life to Jesus Christ, my life completely changed, including the people I chose to be around. Instead of hanging out with people who smoked marijuana on a daily basis, I started spending time with people who studied the Bible, and even more importantly, lived it out.

God’s Word proved to be true once again. Rather than continuing to suffer harm, I chose to gain wisdom. To this day, I have the privilege of walking with others who delight in disclosing godly wisdom. In turn, I seek to offer the same wisdom to others.

The Bible speaks clearly of this exact principle and the importance of intimate relationships; not only does Solomon warn us in the proverb above, but the apostle Paul tells us this very same truth.

"Do not be deceived:“Bad company ruins good morals.”  I Corinthians 15:33

Are you living a lie, thinking that you won’t give in to ungodly peer pressure? Are you involved in a relationship that is ruining your life? If so, do the wise thing and cut off the relationship immediately. Then strive to be a person who is living a God-honoring life and seek to befriend those who are doing the same.

To walk with Christ, is to walk in wisdom.

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