Phone App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the app?

You can download the app HERE, or by searching "Sunrise Church" in the App Store. We are available in four app stores:  iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone, and Amazon App Store.

How do I change my notification settings?

Please check out our video tutorial or continue reading. Open the app and click on the menu option (top left) and select settings. Then click notifications. You will see all of the different Sunrise campuses. General (see definition in paragraph just below) will automatically be selected (please do not deselect).  You must choose your campus. Once you have made your selection, click the back button (top left), then select the menu button. Click Sunrise to get back on the home screen of the App.

What does "general" mean in the notification settings?

General simply means that you will be sent all-campus general notifications (this is the reason to not deselect). When we do big all-campus events, we will send notifications through the general option.

What features do I have through the Sunrise Church app?

We have lots of features to benefit everyone at Sunrise Church. You will be able to: 1.) Take sermon notes during service and email them to yourself, 2.) Read Daily Bread Devotions, 3.) Listen to previous sermons, 4.) Watch live stream, 5.) Give a tithe, 6.) Sign-up for spiritual growth classes or to serve in ministry, 7.) Read or listen to the Bible, 8.) Submit prayer requests, 9.) Be notified of any new things happening at Sunrise, 10.) Share almost everything, and more!

How do I take sermon notes through the app?

Once downloaded, click on the Sunrise Church app to open it. From the Home Page, click a button called "Take Notes".  That will take you to the sermon notes screen. There you will find the most recent sermon notes inside ready for you to fill in the blanks (if there are any) and take notes. To type out your notes, click on the blue note icon on the right side. Once you are finished taking notes scroll down to the bottom and click, "email me." You will then be emailed the finished notes that you typed in with a pdf attachment for saving purposes. If you forget to fill in a blank, do not worry. It will be automatically filled in once you email it to yourself. ADDITIONALLY, if you want to take custom notes that stores on the app and saves automatically, you can now do that by hitting the top left menu bar, then click "Notes."

Do I have to take sermon notes digitally?

No, certainly not, you can still attend service and have one of our programs to take notes traditionally. Or you can download/print the sermon notes by clicking HERE and selecting the "print sermon notes" side option.

How do I give through the app?

You can do that by scrolling down on the home page and click the "Giving" option. It will then prompt you to enter the amount and frequency. Then you will click next and enter your credit card info along with selecting your Sunrise Church campus you are giving to. After that you hit submit and you are done!

Can I share videos and testimonies?

Yes! Actually, you can share more than that. Almost everything is shareable in the app. Look for the "share" icon and click it.  There you will find multiple ways that you can share via text, social media, email, and more. Share things such as Sermons, Daily Bread Devotions, Locations, etc. You can also share the whole app by clicking on the menu option (top left) and then click the share button next to Sunrise.

What if I do not have internet/data and want to listen to a sermon?

Download the sermon within the app when you have internet/data which you can do at a Starbucks or somewhere that has wifi connectivity. To download the sermon, you will need to go to the sermon you want to download and there you will see the option to "listen" only. Right next to the listen button there is a download icon, click it. Once you download it within the app, click the top right icon to listen to your downloads. You will not need internet/data to listen to the downloaded material within the app. Enjoy!

What if I have more questions that are not on here?

Go into the app and click, "I'm New" (Get Connected). Then click "App Questions" to submit a question. We will then add your question to this FAQ, or you can click HERE to fill out a question form. Thank you!