And the Two Shall Become One

Mitch Cariaga

“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”  Genesis 2:24

When man was first placed on this earth, he was alone.  To solve this problem, God performed an amazing miracle.  God took from the side of the man, a rib, and from that rib, God made a woman; from one He made two. 

After this supernatural development in creating man and women, God started the process of His next great miracle.  This miracle was in turning two back into one!  First, one becoming two.  Now, two becoming one.  Both require a miracle!

Two becoming one is called marriage.  It’s not sex.  Yes, sex is one aspect of two becoming one, but it’s only one part.  The two becoming one involves taking two completely separate people, each with their own personalities, dreams and selfish traits and molding them into one home, one family, one unit more powerful than if the two stayed apart. 

But to accomplish this amazing act, it requires a miracle.  The miracle part is Christ. 

Culture will not make two into one.  Our culture today doesn’t even remember what marriage is supposed to be.  Culture has even declared homosexual relationships as acceptable for marriage. 

Common interests will not make two into one.  Two people who enjoy the same music and the same restaurants will never experience the miracle of oneness.  What happens when the music style changes and the restaurant closes down?  Will the marriage also end?

Christ will make two into one!  Just like Christ made one into two.  So Christ only has the power to make two back into one! 

So today, put Christ first in your life and in your home.  Then you will experience what the Scripture says, “The two shall become one!”



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